Moorpark College Graphic and Multimedia Design alumni are part of a network of designers, creators, and makers bound through a passion to enrich our world through creativity, skill, and vision. We encourage all alumni to stay connected. 

Lovisa Boucher


My path to becoming a Graphic Designer started as off at Moorpark College where I learned how to combine my formal art training with various design practices. I look back at this time with great pleasure and the Graphics Program helped me develop important skill sets such as critical thinking and proper use of software to help me realize my ideas and to push my concepts. After leaving Moorpark College I went onto graduate from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. Today I work with Brand Development and Packaging Design.



My love for design started when I was experimenting with different art forms in high school, and flourished when I was formally introduced to design at Moorpark College’s design program. It gave me a great foundation and mindset that prepared me to transfer to CSUN’s graphic design program, and get a design internship while at Moorpark College. That internship turned into a full-time job where I worked at for six years. To this day, I still use what I’ve learned at Moorpark in my work, such as in-depth research and exploration of concepts, and designing functionally and with intention. Currently, I work as a graphic designer and photographer with a focus on branding and packaging.

Diego Buller


My path to graphic design started in automotive design, drawing cars as soon I could hold a crayon. As time went on, my artistic interests broadened, expanding to photography, and digital art. I was formally introduced to graphic design through Moorpark’s design program, having had some prior experience as the design editor for my secondary school yearbook. Thanks to the quality of Moorpark’s design program, I was more than adequately prepared for ArtCenter College of Design. Currently I’m exploring the intersection between graphic design and sculpture, using materials as additional layers to encode meaning and communicate on a multi-sensory level.

Kimmy Eder


Kimmy Eder’s love of printing, graphic design, and typography landed her a job in the entertainment industry right out of college. Currently, she is the Creative Services Manager for the international marketing department of CBS Studios. She is responsible for providing strategic art direction for CBS Studios to help increase international sales as well as leading a team of freelance designers and coordinators in sunny Hollywood. After graduating from Moorpark College, she attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communication. In her downtime, she can be found with her head in a book and her toes in the sand.

Cher Lee


I spent three semesters at Moorpark College before transferring to Otis College of Art and Design for graphic design. Initially working in film production, I decided to switch career paths and found a new passion for design after enrolling at Moorpark. With my eclectic background in drawing, film, painting, piano, and photography; I discovered that graphic design is the perfect medium to combine and apply my various creative skills. Moorpark was a great environment for fostering a creative and collaborative atmosphere, while also teaching the technical and professional skills needed for the industry. Just a mere two years ago, I had absolutely no familiarity with software or design principles. Now, I’m at Otis College and I’m planning on graduating in the Spring of 2022.

Ivy Lovett


Fresh out of high school, I enrolled in Moorpark College looking for an opportunity to dip my toe into a variety of artistic mediums. I soon found myself in the Graphic and Multimedia Design program, where my passion for design solidified. I became equipped with the technical skills and knowledge necessary for entering the field, and got involved with the program. I was hired as a lab assistant and eventually a T.A., which has been both a rewarding and major learning experience. In Fall 2019, I transferred to UCLA, where I continue to combine my passion for design with illustration in a variety of visual mediums. In Spring 2021, I will be graduating with a B.A in Design Media Arts. On the side, I enjoy selling art through my Etsy shop and receiving commissions.

Mel Weiner


I spent my undergraduate years studying Literature and Environmental Studies, while filling much of my free time making art. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree and spending a couple years teaching abroad, I came to Moorpark College’s design program to explore how I could pair my creativity and logic in the professional world. During my time at Moorpark, I experienced and learned so much – from technical skills and the industry lingo to collaboration and designing with purpose. All of these experiences prepared me to move right into a graphic design job after completing the Associate’s Degree. Today, I’m working as a graphic designer and copywriter, where I focus on brand development and print and digital production.

Josh Zerhusen


My journey as a graphic designer started with experimenting with photoshop while in high school and evolved into a love for design and multimedia once I took my first design course at Moorpark College. I still use the skills I learned in those courses every day and the insight and professional advice I received from the amazing professors has completely changed my approach to design and my career as a whole. With the portfolio I created while completing my AA in GD at Moorpark I was able to get hired directly to an art studio. From there I have been able to work in the tech industry as a graphic designer and photographer with an emphasis in advertising and motion graphics.